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Our Approach

Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (8038 TT), CAEC (Chang’s Ascending Enterprise Company Ltd) was established to research, develop and provide high quality, sustainable energy storage products for international customers.


Globally, energy demands continue to rise, while toxic emissions must fall. Sustainability is the very core of what we do at CAEC with the creation of nontoxic, environmentally sustainable battery models and battery management systems with high safety, high energy storage capacity, high durability and high output power.

Access To Raw Materials

The raw material for our battery is manufactured, under license from CAEC, by our subsidiary, (a joint venture with Taiwan's Formosa Petrochemicals/Plastics group) providing CAEC with high quality materials at good rates.

We are Poised

Through manufacturing and licensing, CAEC is poised to share innovation that can reduce our carbon footprint. These include, but are not limited to, advanced battery and battery management systems used in ESS, UPS, UPC, starter batteries, electric vehicles, hybrids, golf cars, forklifts, robots, etc.

Ongoing Innovation

Our lead scientist, Dr. Jimmy Chang PhD., adjunct Professor at Cornell University has spearheaded the developments at CAEC from its inception. With a cluster of over 40 essential and peripheral patents.
Dr. Chang PhD., and his team have demonstrated a unique tenacity to produce energy storage solutions that combine profitability,
reliability, and award winning energy density with rare environmentally friendly benefits.

A Brief History

CAEC is a company of battery specialists with its own essential IP, comprising patented materials,cell, BMS and charger systems.
CAEC was formed in 1997 to research, develop and produce cathode material for lithium batteries with the goal of making environmentally responsible energy storage systems designed to replace those which are harmful to our planet. CAEC then became the first manufacturer of rechargeable lithium battery cathode material in Taiwan in 2001.
Since that time, CAEC has developed and produced lithium cathode material and submitted over 100 US and world patents, including the “Lithium iron phosphorus oxide” battery cathode material patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2009.
FEMT (Formosa Energy & Material Technology Co. Ltd.) was formed on May 20th, 2008 in joint venture with world renowned FPG (Formosa Plastics Group). Additionally FEMT has become a world-wide leader in the provisioning of LFPO material in terms of quality and low cost.
Toyota Tsusho entered a joint venture with CAEC in 2012 for systems integration / distribution.
Over the years, CAEC has developed a reputation as industry leaders in research, development and manufacturing high performance rechargeable batteries and cell materials with high storage capacity for a number of uses from electric cars to large scale Electric Storage Units and microgrids.
These batteries have proven to be leaders in energy density, power and safety - yet are nontoxic and are not radioactive.

Dr. Jimmy Chang PhD

Receiving his PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University, Dr. Jimmy Chang PhD., then become professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering as well as Material science at Cornell University, where he has been an adjunct professor for over ten years.
A member of the Electrochemical Society, and Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society (among others), Jimmy continues to work at CAEC, leading his team to innovate better energy storage solutions and Battery Management Systems.

Lithium-iron Ferrous Phosphorous Oxide Batteries

Our environmentally sensitive, RoHS compliant batteries are free of lead, cadmium, mercury and cobalt. Among the safest of all lithium batteries, our patented innovation delivers a uniquely higher performance discharge. The resulting low operation costs and guaranteed reliable performance provide you with verifiably unmatched value.
These longer lasting batteries have been in use in Asia and parts of America for over five years...and they justkeep getting better.

Donny and Jimmy. Two Brothers, One Goal

“We started in our parent’s basement in ’97, with the goal of producing green energy storage solutions to replace the environmentally damaging lead acid batteries.” Says Professor Jimmy Chang. “We were determined to do our part for the environment. We wanted to eliminate toxic lead acid batteries and produce truly practical energy storage systems” “Jimmy would tell me to do this or that, so I would do it. When he said, “Mix this.” I mixed it. He’s the professor! ” adds older brother Donny Chang CEO, laughing as he tells the story.
It wasn’t long before the two were in business, but Donny explains, “We were unhappy producing batteries for the niche market we were in. We wanted to do more. We wanted to produce better lithium batteries, but we didn’t have the money.” says Donny. “You see, you need expensive argon chambers to produce lithium ion batteries, because during production the material cannot be exposed to oxygen.”

Necessity, The Mother of Invention

“We couldn’t afford to buy the expensive equipment we needed. So I squeezed Jimmy. I really squeezed him! I kept telling him, “You have to invent a way to produce great lithium ion batteries without expensive equipment.” The more I squeezed him, the more he invented!
We didn’t sleep much back then. We put a bed in the lab and would take turns sleeping. Someone always had to be awake to see what would happen.” That was over 20 years ago. Today, both Donny and Jimmy are recognized as leaders in the battery industry. Not resting on their laurels, Jimmy Chang went on to receive his PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University and then become professor at Cornell University, where he has been an adjunct professor for over ten years. At the same time,Jimmy continues to work at CAEC leading his team to innovate better energy storage solutions and Battery Management Systems. Donny, now an avowed global expert in the craft of battery making, is unlike most CEOs who spend their days in the office. He is often seen excitedly rolling up his sleeves and putting on his lab coat.
With award-winning systems and over 100 US and world patents, these two brothers are true pioneers. They have researched, developed and are currently manufacturing environmentally friendly, nontoxic, safe batteries with award winning energy density.
That being said, they are showing no signs of letting up. Keep CAEC on your radar. This story is far from over.

Management Team

DonnyC .Y. Chang MBA, CEO

Over 20 years experience in research and development of
cathode / battery materials
Thompson University USA

Jimmy C.C. Chang, Ph.D. Chief Scientist

Chief Scientist, advisor to NASA, Adjunct Professor at Cornell
University, Carnegie Mellon University USA

James Chang MA, CFO

Over 20 years experience in Accounting and Taxation
Experience in America and Taiwan. Price Waterhouse Cooper
Chung Yuan Christian University

Our Products are Tried, Tested and True

Over 30% of Taiwan’s golf courses have already switched to LFPO batteries in their golf carts and tell us, “There’s no going back to lead acid batteries”. Japan’s leading mobile network uses CAEC’s Uninterruptible Power System for backup power.
A top-three Japanese auto maker has been using CAEC’s battery to power its Auto Guided Vehicle for years. This robot stops only for 45 seconds per charge as it carries car chassis and bodies, 24 hours/day 7 days/week. After over 500,000 charges it is still going strong.
Japan’s nuclear power plants are increasingly relying on tried-and-true LFPO batteries to power their radiation detection sensors at fixed radii.
Mission critical microgrids are relying on LFPO batteries in Japan and Taiwan including Taiwan Government’s industrial sized microgrid for nuclear research.
CAEC takes pride in its happy customers.