Grid and Industrial
ESS/UPS Energy Storage and Back-up Systems

Mission Critical Systems Back-up

Redefining UPS and ESS

Working seamlessly with our LFPO batteries, our patented Smart Management System enables businesses to protect their systems from power surges and keep systems running longer.
Computers continue to run, your data stays intact, your lights, security and other services can continue unimpeded for from 15 minutes to hours or even days.

Requires Less Space

Let’s face it, space is money. Our award-winning energy density batteries take up less space and last longer.

Micro Grids - LFPO Batteries Run Longer

Heavy duty micro grids are currently being used in earthquake prone areas like Japan and Taiwan.
Our experienced staff are ready to help you safeguard your interests. Contact us today.

Choose LFPO Batteries For:

•award-winning energy-density
•less demand for space
•more power
•longer run time
•longer life
•no maintenance

LFPO - The Ideal Battery for Mission Critical ESS, UPS and Smart Grids

No Maintenance

The costs and risks associated with maintaining lead acid batteries are a thing of the past when you switch to LFPO Batteries. Our batteries are truly maintenance free meaning, there is no need to “top-up” with liquid.

Faster Charge and Deeper Depth of Charge

LFPO charges over 80% faster than typical lead acid batteries and can discharge over 90% while maintaining its powerful depth of charge.

Longer Life

Typical lead acid batteries typically have short lifespans. Our LFPO moduels can be relied upon to outlast. Talk to us for a more specific lifetime assessment. 

Less Weight

LFPO is 70% less weight than a typical lead acid battery -lighter to ship and easier to install.

No Memory Effect

Deep discharging causes no memory effect. Our LFPO batteries continue to deliver the same dependable award-winning depth of charge

No Corrosion

Typical lead acid batteries can easily cause corrosion. NOT SO WITH LFPO BATTERIES. Our clients are delighted to find no acid, no lead, and no corrosion issues.

Safer, No Toxic Gases, No Toxic Acid, RoHS Compliant

Unlike lead acid batteries, use LFPO batteries and you will have no risk of toxic gases during recharge, and no risk of acid burns on your skin or acid corrosion to surrounding areas.

Low Self-discharge Rate

Our batteries can be unplugged without losing significant amount of power much longer than lead acid batteries. Meaning, there’s no need to “trickle-charge” LFPO batteries.
Whether you are a surgeon or CEO, you have enough to worry about.
Let our team take care of unexpected power outages and surges.

Environment and Safety

Non toxic, RoHS compliant.

Contains no lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt, or acid. Our batteries use a natural process - rust. Yet, unlike typical lead acid batteries, they are not corrosive.

No Risk of Explosion or Fire

Unlike many other Lithium-ion batteries, LFPO batteries are contain no risk of explosion and fire making them more suitable for critical situations.

No Toxic Gases Released

Typical lead acid batteries release toxic gases during charge up. Our LFPO batteries do not. Feel free to charge up indoors without worrying about your health.

Safety - LFPO Vs Lead Acid

Typical lead acid batteries can release toxic gasses while charging;such as Hydrogen gas, which carries a risk of explosion . Lead acid batteries can also leak Sulfuric acid which can burn or destroy the skin on contact.
The eyes, respiratory tract even the digestive system can be severely damaged through contact with this acid. This also causes corrosion and can be difficult to avoid during charge-up and maintenance.
Not so with LFPO. Not only are LFPO cells maintenance free, they do not release toxic gases and do not leak acid.
LFPO contains no acid or other toxic chemicals. LFPO is RoHS compliant.
Lead acid batteries
Longer-lasting, No Maintenance
LFPO Electrical Storage Systems
Imagine buying a more sustainable, powerful, safe ESS/UPS, so maintenance free and long lasting, you simply forget all about it.