LFPO - The Ideal High Performance Starter Battery

•Best-In-Class Energy Density

•More Cranking Power and a Bigger Spark Delivers More Horsepower

•More Reliable, Longer Life - LFPO Has Five Times The Cycle Life of a Typical Lead Acid Battery

•70% Less Wight of Typical Lead Acid Batteries

•Charges 80% Faster Than Lead Acid

•“Drop-in” technology - no need to change your existing alternator

•Can Discharge Over 90% While Still Maintaining The Same Powerful Depth-of-Charge (Compare with Lead acid - only 50%)

•Very Low Self-Discharge Rate - store your car longer

Lithium-ion ferrous oxide batteries

Our environmentally sensitive,RoHS compliant batteries are free of lead,cadmium,mercury and cobalt. Among the safest of all lithium batteries,our patented innovation delivers a uniquely higher performance discharge. The resulting low operation costs and guaranteed reliable performance provide you with verifiably unmatched value.These longer lasting batteries have been in use in Asia and parts of America for over five years...and they just keep getting better.

LFPO - The Ideal Starter Battery

No Maintenance

The costs and risks associated with maintaining lead acid batteries are a thing of the past when you switch to LFPO Batteries. Our batteries are maintenance free and contain no acid.
There is no need to “top-up” with LFPO Batteries. To become maintenance free, you simply drop LFPO Batteries in and forget about them for a long, long time

Faster Charge and Deeper Depth of Charge

LFPO charges over 80% faster than typical lead acid batteries and can discharge over 90% while maintaining its powerful depth of charge

Longer Life

Typical lead acid batteries typically have short lifespans. Our LFPO moduels can be relied upon to outlast. Talk to us for a more specific lifetime assessment. 

Less Weight

LFPO is 70% less weight than a typical lead acid battery. Lighter to ship and easier to install.

No Corrosion

Typical lead acid batteries can easily cause corrosion. NOT SO WITH LFPO BATTERIES. Our clients are delighted to find no acid, no lead and no corrosion issues.

Safer, No Toxic Gases, No Toxic Acid, ROHS Compliant

Unlike lead acid batteries, use LFPO batteries and you will have no risk of toxic gases during recharge, and no risk of acid burns on your skin.

Best-in-Class Energy Density

Powerful LFPO batteries boast 137Wh/kg. Compared with typical lead acid batteries at 40Wh/kg, our LFPO stands tall.

Environment and Safety

Non toxic, Non corrosive, RoHS compliant.

Contains no lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt, or acid. Our batteries use a natural process - rust. Yet, unlike typical lead acid batteries, they are not corrosive.

No Risk of Explosion or Fire

Unlike many other Lithium-ion batteries, LFPO batteries are contain no risk of explosion and fire making them more suitable for critical situations.

No Toxic Gases Released

Feel free to charge up indoors without worrying about your health. Typical lead acid batteries release toxic gases during charge up. Our LFPO batteries do not.

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Imagine buying a more sustainable, powerful, safe battery, so long lasting and maintenance free, you simply forget all about it.