Creating Good Experiences For Our Customer’s Is Our Top Priority

From single car owners, to large telecom companies, car manufacturers and industry UPS and ESS providers, CAEC works hard to ensure all of our customers are deeply satisfied ones.
From design and development through to manufacturing, testing and sales, care is taken to ensure our customers feel confident they have the right quality products able to withstand the rigors of the job they’ve been assigned to do.
The following are a few of their stories.

Large Capacity ESS

Sakata Port Japan

The larger the application, the more LFPO batteries stand out in areas of energy density, price, longevity, and ease of use.
This 360VDC/ 320Ah ESS, not only keeps the Sakata Port in Japan form going down during power outages, by drawing and storing power from solar panels and from the grid only when necessary.

Tony Yang, LFPO High Performance Starter Battery User

“A bigger spark, getting 5 times the life and only 30% the weight of my old battery sold me. I have since tracked over 5% increase in gas mileage and I definitely feel more power on acceleration.”
Tony Yang is one of those rare individuals who has a passion for meticulously keeping good records in order to effectively test products. He has been the truly happy owner of an LFPO Starter Battery.
Some people have even timed the speed of their power windows and found significant increase.
Have you measured the benefits of LFPO batteries? We would love to hear your story.

Our Patented Award-Winning UPS is trusted to
safeguard Japan’s leading mobile network from going down.

Electric Vehicles

We installed our our powerful Best-in-Class LFPO batteries and patented BMS in this e-vehicle (above picture). Our award-winning energy density and lightweight qualities help it go the distance.
This award-winning hybrid (left picture) weighs 1400kg and gets 127 mpg using LFPO batteries and BMS and goes zero to 65 mph in 6.5 seconds.
This Cornell University car won awards in 2011, since that time our lead scientist, Professor Jimmy Chang Ph.D. and his team have increased our battery’s energy density to 137Wh/kg.
LFPO is becoming recognized as a better choice when compared with lead acid and other lithium batteries, as LFPO batteries are green, RoHS compliant and carry no risk of explosion or fire.

Golf Courses are Saving Money

“Our golf cars used to run for 18 holes, now they run 36!” The immediate success felt by golf car owners has been quite outstanding. The most notable comments revolve around, “no maintenance, no corrosion, a considerably longer life.” These comments are followed by an emphatic, “There’s no going back to lead acid!”

Radiation Detection

More and more nuclear power plants are using these 12V 60 Ah UPS
as back-up radiation detectors at fixed radii. In the event of a power
shortage these units will continue to send vital information to satellites.

Traffic Light UPS Back-up

Traffic lights, like these in Hokkaido Japan, are designed to run for 3 days off the grid.
Even in cold weather, these units are designed to keep the units running well in -20C weather.